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What Makes Us, Us?



Our Ethos

 Standards. Passion. Family.

We strive to be the best that we can and impart our positive attitude for learning and constant improvement, onto our students. Our ethos and family company culture is what separates us from large corporations. If you are looking for a shortcut way to become an average pilot, we are not for you. If you expect to work hard and become the best pilot you can be, then we would love to train you.

Dedicated To You

We are a big flying family at heart. You are going to need support through this exciting journey, with all its highs and lows, and we will be there for your needs with a friendly staff member never far away.

Rest and Recuperation

High performers also need quality down time and our facilities and course structures are designed to ensure you are well rested. There are also plenty of fantastic local attractions such as, the shuttle space centre, beaches, restaurants and that’s just our Florida Base. 

Instructor Standards

High quality training starts with high quality instructors. We dedicate a huge amount of time selecting and training our instructors so you get the best experience.

Limited Spaces Available

Our small class intakes of highly selected students will help propel your success. Having course mates that are as dedicated and hard working as you will give you an advantage when training, and they’ll likely become friends for life.


Flight training is not an easy endeavour so approaching it with the correct attitude is essential to keep your training costs to a minimum. We select our students with this in mind to produce a well-rounded pilot ready for the airlines.

First Time Pass Rate.

We have a 100% first-time pass rate. So you can trust that we will only put you forward when you are ready for your tests. We will also carry out stage checks to ensure you are getting all the support you need to flourish. 



Our Florida Campus - Sebastian Airport

UK Flight Training and Finishing Base - Gloucester Airport

European Flight Training Finishing Base - Antwerp, Belgium

European ATPL Ground School and Selection Base - Aérocampus Aquitaine, Bordeaux

Florida Campus

Our brand new campus based at Sebastian Airport is the ideal learning environment in fantastic weather which allows excellent flying continuity in the early phases, which is critical! All FAA training is carried out here as well as EASA and UK fair weather training using the Piper PA28.

UK Base

The UK HQ is based in the countries central hub for General Aviation  and of provides the UK CAA licence finishing elements in DA42 aircraft and UK ATPL Ground School. 

France, Aerocampus Aquitaine

The aviation learning hub near Bordeaux is the perfect environment for our EASA pilot students to study their EASA ATPLs and live within the beautiful 26 hectare Chateau grounds. The campus offers unique training facilities (A320 simulator, immersive virtual reality room, technical platforms, etc.)

Belgium, Antwerp Airport

EASA students will finish their flying training in technical airspace with the DA42 aircraft and flying approaches in three different countries in one day! There is no better way to be prepared for the airlines. 

Our accommodation at our various bases is located either on site or very nearby with Transportation for maximum convenience during your pilot training. (Florida Campus pool pictured below)

Fleet & Approvals

Fleet: We use a mix of DA42, DA40 and Piper PA28 aircraft. 

FAA Approvals: 141 Private, Instrument, Multi, Commercial, CFI, CFII
EASA Approvals: PPL, Multi, IR, Commercial, Instructor.
UK Approvals: PPL, Multi, IR, Commercial, Instructor, IRI.




Started over 10 years ago, Wings Airline Academy origins from Pilots Paradise, a flying holiday company started by a father and son team.


The company acquired the Fixed Based Operator (FBO) rights to Sebastian Municipal Airport in Florida providing FAA flight training, fuel, hangarage and maintenance at the airport. 


UK offices were set up in Gloucester Airport establishing a UK and EASA ATO. 


With the CAA split from EASA, the company established their separate EASA ATO to provide the European market with access to Florida’s incredible flying climate. A new large hangar and classroom facilities at Sebastian were established. Student Sevis approval granted to allow worldwide student intakes.  


The rebrand from Pilots Paradise Academy to Wings Airline Academy happened with new partnerships and harmonisation between the FAA, EASA and the UK, allowed a global pilot license to be taught, which is quite unique to the industry. 


Meet the Founders

Stephen Fisher

Stephen Fisher

Has over 35 years experience in the flight trining industry and held UK, EASA and FAA examiner status. This experience benefits our students massively, giving them access to the finest training from the knowledge out there. Having also flown the 737 commercially he knows what the airlines require from their pilots. 

Oliver Fisher

Oliver Fisher

Oliver flew the VC10 in the Royal Air Force and finished off his 12 year service as a Chief Flying Instructor on the Grob Tutor. He now flies the Airbus 380, keeping him totally up to date with current airline operations which serves the students at Wings Airline Academy well.

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