US Commercial Pilot Licence (FAA 141)

Course Structure

Become a commercial pilot, with qualifications recognised around the world.






Enrolment / Tour This phase allows us to introduce you to the team, give you a tour of our facilities and introduce our safety procedures. 1 day Florida
Private  Ground school and flight training to gain your Private Pilots Licence.  8 weeks Florida

Instrument Rating

Ground school and flight training to gain your Instrument Rating.


7 Weeks


Multi Commercial 

Ground school and flight training to gain your Commercial Pilot Licence. 16 Weeks Florida
Optional Add-ons  

CFI Rating (add $9,000)

120 hours ground school and 15 hours dual flight time.  8 weeks Florida
Guarantee Package ($6,850)  This package add on ensures you don’t pay any additional aircraft hire or instruction costs should you need further training beyond quoted FAA minimums. Course Duration Florida

The Finer Details:

Entry requirements
  • Age 17 or more
  • English Proficiency 
Educational requirements
  • No educational requirements for this course.
Medical requirements
  • FAA Class 3
  • No previous flying experience required.
Other costs to consider
  • FAA Written Test Fees
  • Airport Badge ($75)
  • Enrolment Fee ($150)
  • FAA Flight Examiner Fees
  • Headset and course materials ($795)
  • Accommodation (if required) 

Total Hours



8 – 10 months


Payment Plan

Stage Payments

Enrolment $5,000

 Pre Private $15,000

 Pre Instrument $15,000

 Pre Commercial $23,950

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