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The Wings Airline Academy Route To Success

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This is a big decision, so let’s talk the whole thing through! Our consultation with you is a vital part of the process where we will discuss, your career aspirations, the licence details, medical requirements, the selection process and financing the course. So bring a note pad and all your questions and we look forward to informing your next step. We can carry out these consultations in-person on request.


This will ensure you have no underlying health problems that could prevent you from becoming an airline pilot. It’s good to get peace of mind early and be signed off as ‘fit to fly’.


Before your investment, it is essential to know you are cut out for becoming an airline pilot and what areas of training you may find challenging. With our aptitude and psychometric testing you will know you are capable end goal and it will help us understand where you may need extra help during your training. We will also interview you as we have limited spaces available and are looking for students that have the best work ethic and are likely to pass their training to our starboards and in minimum flight training time. This ensures that our small class sizes are full of like minded students that want to help each other through their training, creating a real class mate cohesion. We do this because we know these attributes are what the airlines will look for. 

Airline Program

We have tried to make our Airline Courses as ‘all-inclusive’ as it is possible to make them so there shouldn’t be any hidden costs or nasty surprises. We will carry out flying performance reviews with senior instructors throughout the course and manage your expectations if you may require additional training. But take confidence that our selection process is designed to minimise the chances of this occurring. We like to be honest and upfront so you feel comfortable and supported at all stages of your journey. So trust the process and earn your Airline Pilot Licence in our fantastic learning environment.

Simply choose from the Global Airline Program, the EASA Airline Program, the UK Airline Program or the FAA Commercial.



Airline Interview preparation

You have been selected by us, now trained to a very high standard and are ready for your interview preparation phase with our expert consultants. This is a formal course that will ensure you are ready when you make those airline application. 

Get your dream job

“It has been barely 12 months since I finished my PPL with you and it gives me great pleasure in telling you that I have passed my CPL and MEIR first time (first series), completed an MCC and also passed Ryanair selection to begin the type rating in May.

I will forever treasure the memories I have with you guys out in Florida and cannot thank you both or Bruxe (and Paul) enough in how you all set me up in my flying training so flawlessly.”

Daniel Larcombe – Ryanair

“Training with Wings Airline Academy (formally Pilots Paradise Academy) set me up perfectly for my airline career. I couldn’t have done it without the support of all the amazing staff.”

Patrick – now flying with Envoy Air (American Airlines)


Are you ready to start your journey or have lots of questions? Let’s talk…