Wings Cadet Program

1500 hours | 30 Months

Course Structure

Gain 1500 hours employed as a flight instructor with us and interview to fly for Air Wisconsin (UNITED EXPRESS).





Selection Part 1 Remote or in person aptitude and psychometric tests. 1 day Florida, UK or remote.
FAA 141 Private Training Ground school and flying to achieve your Private Pilot Certificate. 6 weeks Florida
Selection Part 2 Wings Airline Academy staff will interview you and review your performance during your Private Pilot phase of training. If you are selected, you will then be offered employment as a flight instructor with us, subject to satisfactory completion of your commercial phase. 1 day Florida
FAA 141 Commercial Instrument Pilot Training Ground school and flying to achieve your Instrument Rating and Commercial Pilot Certificate.   7 months Florida
Instructor Training Ground school and flying to become a Wings Airline Academy Flying Instructor. 1 month Florida
Selection Part 3 You will interview with Air Wisconsin airline staff for the part 1 (non technical) interview. If you pass, you will be invited to a technical interview. 1 Day Florida
Instructor Employment Flying as a Wings instructor to gain 1500 hours total, whilst  earning between $25,000 and $40,000. (Working visa available for UK passport holders) 12-18 months Florida
Multi Rating and Multi time building Gain the multi rating and 25 hours total multi time ready for your ATP certificate and training.  3 weeks Florida
ATP-CTP Training Final acceptance for employment with Air Wisconsin who will sponsor you through your ATP-CTP training subject to meeting their employment critria. 63 Days
Airline Job Placement with Air Wisconsin as a first officer flying the CRJ-200 for UNITED EXPRESS. (Visa and possible greencard routes available for UK passport holders). With a direct feed to United Airlines via the Aviate scheme. 


The Finer Details:

Entry requirements
  • Age 18 or more (must be 21 to hold an ATP for airline employment)
  • English Proficiency Level 6
  • Pass the selection process
  • Be a US or UK passport holder
Educational requirements
  • High school diploma or secondary school education required.
  • AS or Bachelors Degree can help, but not essential.
Medical requirements
  • FAA First Class Medical.
  • No previous flying experience required.
Other costs to consider
  • Food.
  • Health insurance.
  • Extra flying costs if you struggle with a particular part of the course and need a little extra.
  • Unexpected major fuel price increases during the course may need to be added in the form of a surcharge.
  • Travel costs. 

*So much is included in this course, such as; accommodation; shuttle bus to accommodation and shops; uniform; iPad; study materials; headset; test fees; etc, that it is easier to mention other costs. Book a consultation with us for further details. 

Total Hours

1500 hrs


30 months


$88,285 USD

Finance Options

Payment Plan

Stage Payments

Enrolment $15,000

 Pre Commercial $60,000

 Earn $25,000-40,000 as an instructor

 Pre Multi Phase $13,285


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