European Airline Transport Pilot Licence (EASA ATPL)

250 hours | 18 Months

Course Structure

Become a European Airline Ready Pilot





SelectionRemote and in person assessment1 dayBordeaux, France
Private Pilots Licence (PPL), PIC time and  ICAO Instrument Rating.Ground school and flight training for the PPL plus PIC time flying around Florida. Full FAA IR course and PIC flight time.5 MonthsFlorida
EASA ATPL Ground SchoolFull time residential course.9 MonthsBordeaux, France
CPL Multi IRDA40 and DA42 flying and simulator flying from Antwerp Airport, Belgium for maximum exposure to European airspace.  3 MonthsBelgium
APS MCCAirbus Simulator 1  MonthBelgium

The Finer Details:

Entry requirements
  • Age 17 or older
  • English Proficiency Level 6
  • Pass the selection process
Educational requirements
  • Education minimum of European Baccalaureate (GCSE or equivalent) of Home Country Language and Maths (Grades 6+ or A-C) 
Medical requirements
  • EASA Class 1 medical 
  • No previous flying experience required.
Other costs to consider
  • Food.
  • Health insurance.
  • Extra flying costs if you struggle with a particular part of the course and need a little extra.
  • Unexpected major fuel price increases during the course may need to be added in the form of a surcharge.

*So much is included in this course, such as; accommodation; flights, airport transfers; shuttle bus to accommodation and shops; uniform; iPad; study materials; headset; test fees; etc, that it is easier to mention other costs. Book a consultation with us for further details. 

Total Hours

250 Total


18 months


€99,000 Euros

Payment Plan

Stage Payments

Enrolment €40,000

Pre ATPL €40,000

Pre CPL $19,000

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