UK Airline Transport Pilot Licence (UK CAA ATPL)

263 hours | 18 Months

Course Structure

Become a UK airline ready pilot including interview preparation





Selection Remote and in person assessment 1 day UK
Private Pilots Licence FAA( ICAO) IR + PIC time Ground school and flying to achieve your PPL and PIC time flying around Florida.  22 weeks Florida
UK ATPL Ground School Full time residential course. 9 Months UK
CPL Multi IR Piper Arrow, DA42 aircraft and ALSIM 3 Months UK
UPRT Upset Prevention and Recovery training.  Included above. UK

The Finer Details:

Entry requirements
  • Age 17 or more
  • English Proficiency Level 6
  • Pass the selection process
Educational requirements
  • Education minimum of GCSE (or equivalent)
  • English and Maths (Grades A-C) 
Medical requirements
  • UK Class 1 medical 
  • No previous flying experience required.
Other costs to consider
  • Food.
  • Health insurance.
  • Extra flying costs if you struggle with a particular part of the course and need a little extra.
  • Unexpected major fuel price increases during the course may need to be added in the form of a surcharge.

*So much is included in this course, such as; accommodation; flights, airport transfers; shuttle bus to accommodation and shops; uniform; iPad; study materials; headset; test fees; etc, that it is easier to mention other costs. Book a consultation with us for further details. 

Total Hours

212 hrs


17 months


£89,995 GBP

Payment Plan

Stage Payments

Enrolment £10,000

Pre USA Flying £20,000

Mid USA Flying £20,000

Pre UK ATPL £20,000

Pre UK Flying £19,995

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