Pilot Training in the USA for Indian Students

Why Wings Airline Academy is the right choice for you as an Indian Student

At Wings Airline Academy, we have built our reputation and best in class training on our positive attitude towards learning and development, which we strive to imprint on all of our students.

Our ethos and family values are what helps many of our Indian students settle into a completely new culture and way of life here in Florida, USA.

We take international flight students from all over the world, but we’re seeing a considerable influx of keen pilots from India, and we’re here to train you to become the best pilot you can be.

Your Journey with Wings

Wings Airline Academy is approved by the Department of Homeland Security to issue the I-20 in support of the M1 Visa to enable Indian Students to study in the USA.

All of our courses are specially structured to cater for all levels of knowledge and experience. Our goal is to offer an ever-evolving training programme which prepares students for their journey into the exciting world of aviation.

We have vast knowledge and experience of the industry, and we take great pride in guiding and nurturing our students into the pilots of tomorrow.

Over Thirty Years Experience

Standardised Instructors

Multiple Programs Avaliable

Pilots Trained from all Over the World

Creators of ‘The Captain Program’

Our Pilot Courses

We offer industry-leading pilot training courses for aspiring pilots of all experience levels from India and countries all over the world.

Whether it’s your dream to fly commercial or you’d like to complete your private pilot licence, we have a range of courses taught by world-class instructors at our state-of-the-art facilities set against the backdrop of the Floridian sunshine.

US Licence


Use the tried and tested, ICAO licencing authority, to take advantage of the lower training costs and gain an internationally recognised licence.

EASA Licence


If you have the right to live and work in Europe and want to fly for a European Airline, this is the licence for you.

UK Licence


If you have the right to live and work in the UK and want to fly for a UK airline, this is the licence for you.

Private Pilots Licence 


Earn your FAA Private Pilots Licence (PPL) and structured Pilot In Command time.

Full Multi Engine Professional Program


The first of its kind. Designed by pilots, for pilots. Zero experience to Commercial pilot in a Multi Engine aircraft, 0 to hero.

What Aircraft & Simulation Does Wings Use?

We operate the following aircraft and Simulation Devices, which are all approved by the DGCA:

  • PA28 Piper Warrior II with GNS 430 GPS
  • Tecnam P2006T with G950 Glass Cockpit
  • Redbird AATD Full Motion Simulation
  • These aircraft and training devices are approved by the Director General and can be found here.

We offer fully accredited Part 141 professional pilot training from our campus in Sebastian Florida USA. Our FAA pilot training graduates you to be ready for the most prestigious job in the world. Our part 141 program is also approved and is identical to that by the DGCA.

Our training is conducted under ICAO just like the DGCA.

What Are the Steps for Enrolment?

Step 1: Get in touch with us to obtain enrolment documents.

Step 2: Complete your enrolment application.

Step 3: Provide us with all the neccessary documentation.

Step 4: Secure your place with a deposit.

Step 5: Attend an embassy interview in your home country.

Step 6: Make arrangements to join us in the USA to begin your training.


How Do I Obtain a FAA CPL/IR AMEL?

FA PPL: Obtain your Private Pilot License under part 141 in Florida.

FAA IFR: Obtain your Instrument rating under part 141 in Florida.

FAA T/B: Time built with your classmates to gain experience in Florida.


  • Total 190 flying hours under part 141 and 250 flying hours under part 61.
  • Approved Simulation device and aircraft combination
  • Total 100 hours Pilot in Command (PIC)
  • 2hr day and 2hr night VFR Cross Country
  • 300 NM Pilot in Command with full-stop landings at two different Airports other than departure Airport.
  • 10 hours of instrument time of which not more than 5 hours may be on an approved simulator.
  • Pilot in Command at night with 10 take off and landings – 5 hours in preceding six months.


  • Total 200 flying hours.
  • Total 100 hours in Pilot in Command
  • Pilot in Command 100 NM Cross Country 20 hours
  • 300 NM Pilot in Command with full-stop landings at two different aerodromes other than departure aerodrome.
  • 10 hours of instrument time of which not more than 5 hours may be on an approved simulator.
  • Signal Reception test at 6 to 8 words per minute.
  • Pilot in command – 15 hours in preceding six months
  • Pilot in Command night with 10 take off and landings – 5 hours in preceding six months


How Can I Convert FAA CPL/IR to DGCA CPL/IR?

You must complete your DGCA CPL/IR application and submit your application along with your:

  • Graduation Certificate authenticated by Wings Airline Academy
  • Copies of your flight training stamped by the Chief Instructor at Wings Airline Academy
  • Copy of your ICAO Medical Certificate obtained with Wings Airline Academy
  • Any other requirement (Some DGCA ask for additional paperwork.

If you’re unsure ask Wings Airline Academy to supply what the DGCA is asking for. 

What Do Student Pilots From India Require to Begin Training?

For any Indian student to enrol on one of our airline pilot courses in the USA, you must meet the following basic requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age to take your flight test (17 to start study)
  • You must be of good moral character, read, speak and write the English Language
  • You must be able to obtain a FAA medical certification to verify that you are medically fit to fly.
  • You must hold a valid Indian passport with at least 6 months validity.
  • You must apply for and receive a M1 Visa to allow you to study in the USA. (The I-20 is supplied to you from Wings Airline Academy)

Are you ready to start your journey or have lots of questions? Let’s talk…

How Do I Apply for a Student Visa?

A certificate of Eligibility for Non-immigrant Student Status, known as Form I-20, is issued by us at Wings Airline Academy. This US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) document provides the US government with additional information about the issue of your M1 Visa.

Form I-20 is crucial to your Visa application and must be submitted correctly to show the government that you intend to be a full-time, committed and diligent student during your flight training.

We have many Indian students enrolled at our flight school in the USA, and we guarantee that you will have access to only the very finest facilities and training to help you towards your dream of becoming a pilot.

Where is Wings Air Academy Based?

Our flight school is based in Sebastian Airport, Florida, about sixty minutes south of Orlando.

We occupy an entire section of the airport’s Terminal Building that contains our modern classrooms and our state-of-the-art Flight Operations Division. With over 23,500 sq. ft of hangars and classrooms we are the airport FBO. We supply fuel, hangarage, flight training and maintenance from our Sebastian location.

Florida is known around the world for its warm climate, gorgeous beaches and beautiful sunshine, and there is no better way to experience this first hand in an aircraft.

Our structured Part 141 training is easy to follow and most importantly it’s fun too. Our well-maintained fleet of Piper PA28 and Tecnam aircraft are a great way to spend your days in the sunshine.

Wings Airline Academy Prospectus

What Can Indian Students Expect from Wings Air Academy?

One of the unique advantages of studying aviation in the US, is our considerable range of diverse flight conditions. This means that all the students coming to study from India can benefit from experiencing comprehensive aviation training in a range of flying environments, from urban airspaces to more remote and challenging locations.

Wings Air Academy has some of the most experienced instructors available, with thousands of hours of flight time under their belts. This means that no matter which course you choose, it gives you the opportunity to learn and develop your flight skills with only the very best instructors and industry professionals.

The USA can also boast one of the largest aviation infrastructures in the world, which gives students from India and other parts of the world the opportunity to access a range of potential job opportunities post-graduation.

Whether you are looking for a career in commercial aviation, private charter, or other aviation-related sectors, such as instructors, maintenance and more, the USA can offer a unique opportunity for developing Indian pilots.

"What an amazing experience that will live with me to the day I die. I could not have done it without the support of ALL the amazing staff"

– Dominic Mckinnon

"The team did a great job on my EASA SEP rating revalidation and I even learned something from it, rather than just checking it off my to-do list."

– Erik Schobesberger

"Absolutely amazing time out with you, enjoyed every minute, very friendly staff and very helpful. Flying in America is so much better than flying in the UK and weather is so much nicer too."

– Lee Rowley

Frequently Asked Questions for Indian Flight Students

Will I Need a Student Visa For Flight Training?

Yes, a M1 student Visa is required for any student from India wishing to train as a pilot in the USA.

A valid M1 Visa will allow you to study for and complete your flight training with Wings Air Academy.

Will I Need an I-20 Form?

Yes, any international student is required to provide supporting information to the US government to issue you with your M1 Visa. We do not charge for I-20-‘s.

If you have any further questions about applying for your M1 Visa or your I-20 form, get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to help.

Does My Flight Training Include Housing Costs?

No, unfortunately the cost of your accommodation is not included in the flight training.

We have comfortable student accommodation just around the corner from our base, and we provide your daily transport needs free of charge.

Am I Eligible for Paid Employment While Training?
No, because your M1 Visa is a student Visa, it does not allow you to enter into any form of paid employment during your pilot training.

Therefore, all of the students that come to us to study must show proof of financial ability to both fund the cost of the course and support themselves financially before we can issue an I-20.

Find out more about our financial support options here.

What is an English Proficiency Endorsement, and Why Do I Need One?

Any international student from India, or other parts of the world, must be proficient with the English language to study to be a pilot in America, this is a requirement under The International Navigation Order part of the ICAO. 

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) states specifically that:

“Pilots who operate internationally must have a certificate stating that the pilot is proficient in the English language. This includes all private, commercial, and airline transport pilots with powered aircraft ratings.”

This means you must be able to speak, understand and write proficiently in English. An endorsement will be issued by the Chief Flight Instructor at Wings Airline Academy.

What If I Need Help with Transportation & Housing Costs?

We understand that selecting and applying to a flight school, arranging travel and accommodation can be particularly challenging, especially when you live in another country.

Our ethos is to ensure that all of our students are made to feel welcome and at home to aid the settling in process.

If you’re looking for help with paying for the course, travel expenses and accommodation, we can often help students from India with flexible and tailored finance arrangements.

Get in touch with us to find out more.